Hania Aamir has landed herself in trouble yet again with her fans as the star was spotted celebrating her birthday.

Aamir who completed another year around the sun celebrated her birthday alongside her friends and family on a cruise. Some of her very close pals including Yashma Gill and Aashir Wajahat were seen celebrating Hania Aamir on a cruise. However, what made netizens furious was not her outfit but the people in attendance at her birthday, one of them being Ahad Raza Mir.

Ahad Raza Mir being very close to Hania’s was celebrating her birthday arms in arms with her and that’s what triggered netizens the most.

Before we hop on to the netizen’s reaction, take a look inside the industry’s sweetheart celebrations.

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While it has been a while since Sajal and Ahad Raza Mir’s divorce, the public scrutiny regarding their separation is still going strong. Hania allegedly being one of the major culprits became the highlight yet again as she was seen hanging out and posing with Ahad Raza Mir.

Fans were not happy with Ahad celebrating Aamir’s birthday and here’s what they had to say about the two.

Image source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Ramsha Khan was also brought into the mix since fans have been preaching the duo and hoping for news from them.

Image source: Instagram

What are your views on Hania Aamir’s role in the Sajal-Ahad fiasco? While we think she didn’t have any role in the former’s divorce, the fans seem to think otherwise. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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