As election approaches, netizens are buzzing with curiosity about whether Mariyam Nafees,  will cast her vote. With her significant influence on social media, her stance on voting has become a topic of keen interest. As the countdown to election day begins, the question remains: will Mariyam Nafees exercise her democratic right and make her voice heard at the ballot box?

The buzz started when Nafees shared a video of her recent trip to Australia and that is what caught the netizens attention and they seemed to be highly concerned whether Mariyam would be casting her vote this elections.

Here’s her video:

Here’s what people had to say:

To our surprise, here’s what Mariyam had to say!

We’re super proud of Mariyam to be playing her part this elections. To all the Pakistanis out there, casting a vote isn’t just a right; it’s a responsibility, a privilege, and a crucial step towards building a better tomorrow for generations to come.

As citizens, we have the power to hold our leaders accountable, to demand transparency, and to advocate for the issues that matter most to us.

Will you be voting? Let us know in the comments below.

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