A little over a month ago, on 22nd May, when PIA PK 8303 crashed near the Karachi airport, all of Pakistan mourned.

Over 100 souls, including men, women, children, the elderly, and even one of our aspiring models, Zara Abid, lost their lives.

The crash did not only open a detailed investigation as to what happened and who was responsible behind this devastating incident but also revealed alarming stats about PIA’s pilots.

PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez told Dawn that around 260 pilots were found to have ‘dubious’ licenses leading to their grounding and termination, including the famous sister-duo pilots.

Why These PIA Pilot Sisters Are Raising Eyebrows?

EASA Suspends PIA Operations in Europe

Yesterday, PIA took it to that their official social media accounts to announce that the European Union Air Safety Agency (EASA) has suspended the authorization of the airlines to operate in Europe for the next six months.

This decision was taken after the grounding of the pilots following the horrible crash.

EASA told PIA “it is still not sure” if all the remaining pilots are qualified, and that “they have lost their confidence” in the airline, PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan confirmed.

However, PIA has been receiving mixed feelings from netizens after this announcement.

Social Media Reacts to PIA’s Suspension

Here’s what the people have to say:

PIA Europe Ticket Scandal

PIA not only has lost its six months operations on Europe but also has become a victim to a scam worth 8 million!

Reportedly, some officials, PIA’s Sialkot office accommodated around 50 old ticket holders for their travel to Italy and Paris on select flights to mint money breaking the rules and policies.

As per policy, PIA has currently not been accommodating passengers that have purchased tickets before the current COVID-19 pandemic; this applies to any destination.

The select flights have been issued new tickets, which are almost double the average ticket rates.

A source told Dawn that “The officials in question accommodated old purchased tickets by charging extra money from their holders (passengers) for their travel to Italy and Paris.” The source also added that the officials who are behind this massive fraud had collaborated with some travel agents.

Moreover, an inquiry has said to be initiated against the culprits.

It is genuinely heartbreaking to see Pakistan’s national carrier, which was once one of the best airlines in the world, fail. Successful airlines such as Emirates had taken thorough training from PIA to kickstart their operations, and have become success stories themselves.

We hope that PIA will once again make Pakistan proud and will fly back very soon.

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