Yashma Gill was chosen as Hania Aamir’s valentine this year and the netizens are furious. Hania set out to celebrate pre-valentines with Yashma Gill with a set of huge bears and flowers. While the two were seen sharing their bond in the car, the social media trolls were triggered to see the two asking each other for Valentine’s Day.

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While Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with literary anyone be it your spouse, friends, or parents netizens’ definition of a Valentine’s Day isn’t only twisted but also very derogatory. Loved ones getting together and sharing their love for each other is the only theme behind Valentine’s Day but not everyone is immune to the idea.

Yashma and Hania Aamir’s Valentine’s date didn’t make the netizens happy and here’s what they had to say about them exchanging gifts.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

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