Netizens Are Adoring Saheefa Jabbar's Latest Video With Her Househelp
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Saheefa Jabbar is making headlines for all the right reasons. Her video of eating with her househelper on the table is making rounds on social media, and netizens couldn’t be more proud.

Saheefa’s Latest Video 

It seems like Saheefa has found a partner to do the hot Korean noodle challenge. However, that partner is non-other than her househelper. In a recent video, both Saheefa and the househelper are seen taking a Korean noodle challenge. While both chuckle before trying the noodles, they keep their milk glasses ready if the spiciness gets out of hand.

Let’s take a look at the video below.

Netizen’s React 

While netizens are always ready to comment and criticize, they also tend to leave positive reviews every once in a while. Saheefa’s video also received a lot of loving comments where the public couldn’t stop appreciating the model’s warm gesture.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens.

 Saheefa Jabbar's Latest Video With Her Househelp
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 Saheefa Jabbar's Latest Video With Her Househelp
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While most of the comments were positive, some still found a way to instigate even a hint of criticism they could find in the video.

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Positivity Overdose

If the video was not enough to melt people’s hearts, Saheefa also shared today’s version of the fire noodle challenge in her stories. The model cooked the fire noodles again today as she waited for her househelper to arrive. However, once she arrived, Jabbar greeted her and asked her to join in on the challenge again. To which her househelper chuckled, and seriously, the whole situation is cuteness overloaded.

Let’s take a look at another video.


While the model has found herself a person to share the noodles with, it seems like both of them enjoy indulging in the signature Korean dish, which took over social media by storm a few months ago.

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Have you tried the Korean noodle challenge, or are you still gathering the courage to try it? Let us know in the comment section below. At the same time, we go and cook a pack for ourselves thanks to the untimely craving and Saheefa’s video.

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