money heist season 5 trailer
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[Update 3rd August 2021]: On July 26th, Netflix dropped a teaser for probably the most awaited series in Pakistan, Money Heist season 5. Just a teaser of this show is enough to trigger the fans. Since then, they had been waiting for August 2nd when the trailer was to release.

The trailer is finally out now and it is, without doubt, the most amazing clip you will watch this year. Midway, when it hits you that Nairobi is dead, you experience a sudden rush of emotions. But can you guess who will survive the fifth season?

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Without further ado, let’s give you the trailer you were waiting for!

Here’s the link:

[July 27th, 2021]: How many of us are Money Heist fans here? Basically, it’s everyone who has seen the show. As such, there is ample good news in store for Money Heist fans. The group has finally released a snippet of the trailer for Season 5, the final season. It’s enough to have us become excited, nervous, sad, and angry.

The Snippet of the Trailer

Make no mistake, no trailer was released. Only a teaser trailer, of merely a few seconds. The trailer will be released on August 2nd, exactly a month from the day the show is expected to release. September 2nd, mark the date!

money heist season 5 trailer
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What Do We See?

The brief trailer shows the Professor chained to a chair and looking fearful. The professor is someone who has never been afraid, he’s always ahead of the plan. Hence, when the Professor looks scared, it’s time to be worried.

The caption also reads, “Checkmate, Professor?” which already implies that the Professor has been caught in an undesirable position. This tagline alone is enough to generate hype for fans because everyone knows the professor is never one to be troubled. Moreover, what is most exciting is guessing how he will come out of this pickle.

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Where Did We Leave Off?

Season 4 was perhaps the most emotional season of the show to date. It had some incredibly powerful scenes that made the fans shed tears of joy and sadness together. It’s also about how well-crafted the scenes were with the perfect shots and background music.

money heist season 5 trailer
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We last met the heist characters when Alicia found the professor’s hiding spot. She comes inside the Professor’s well-hid HQ, if you will. That cliff-hanger was the worst note to end on and we’re guessing the teaser trailer picks up from there.

Our Guesses?

money heist season 5 trailer
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Our guess is that Alicia has found the professor and will now blackmail him. The team inside the bank will be left on their own to find their way out. Either it will be that the professor will convince Alicia to join him since she is also on the arrest list. Or, the team will successfully come out of the bank and rescue the professor.

Either way, we already know this show will win our hearts in the last season. Money Heist also won the major award of “Best Drama Series” at the International Emmy Awards.

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