Renowned university in Karachi, Nadirshah Edulji Dinshaw (NED University of Engineering and Tech) has started a course in Chinese where students of Karachi and around Pakistan (who are enrolled in the institute) can learn the new language.

A video of a Chinese woman teaching a class of students a couple of words in the language along with its pronunciation. The clip was shared on a Facebook page and caught a lot of attention.

Many individuals have given the credit to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for the opportunity. CPEC will not only open doors for employment for both the countries, but is giving students the opportunity to make the most of this friendship.

Here’s what some of the people had to say:

According to this individual, NED University had made Chinese compulsory for 1st-year engineer students

Chinese is also a part of the language courses at Karachi University (KU) and in Institute of Business Administration (IBA) for some time now. It is good to know that NED has taken this initiative as it has a massive potential in the future.

Previously, NADRA had issued a CNIC  to a Chinese man named Feng Lin Cui.

NADRA Issues CNIC to Chinese Citizen & Pakistanis are Losing it!

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