nasir khan jan married
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Nasir Khan Jan, the internet sensation, has apparently gotten married after many months of teasing his fans about it. As only a single picture has leaked, fans are going crazy as they demand more from their idol. Have a trip down the marriage memory lane with Nasir Khan Jan.

NJK Teases Fans About Marriage

For two months now, Nasir Khan has been posting hints about his marriage.

Be it with pictures of his newly renovated bedroom, his new look, or with his father-in-law. The internet sensation has amassed thousands of followers after making ridiculously hilarious videos. Currently, he has over 20K followers only on Twitter.

nasir khan jan married
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Since he gets requests for people to make birthday shout-out videos, he even posted about wanting to get more. “Now I’m also getting married, need money,” he said in response to people asking to get videos for free. Even Nouman Khan “The Legend”, another internet sensation, contributed to this. He posted a photo with the dulha and said he’s getting married!

nasir khan jan married
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Have a look at how Nasir Khan has been creating hype for his wedding.

Today’s The Day

Today, the news has surfaced that Nasir Khan Jan has tied the knot finally. Only one picture has managed to reach the internet and that is with him and his wife in their room. Nasir Khan Jan’s face is beaming with happiness as he looks towards his wife. However, the wife’s face is covered with an emoji!

NJK likes to keep some things private, it appears. 

Take a look at the exclusive picture from their wedding:

Fans Have Mixed Feelings

A little after this came to people’s attention, fans started going crazy on Twitter. They are having a proper field day with this news. Memes are being made at the speed of lightning and shared. Others are roasting their friends for still not having a partner, “even NJK has one now!” Others are simply heartbroken to have their idol get married.

Marriage Content From Nasir Khan Jan?

Nasir Khan rose to fame after making terribly daring videos. Be it either trying to chug a gallon of milk in 30 seconds or eating an entire carrot in 10 seconds. Now that he is married, he will either sober up and make videos on ‘lessons of marriage’ or make the same videos with his wife.

Whatever the case may be, we’re excited to see the content he has in store for his fans.

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