Nasir Khan Jan Brutally Trolled After Announcing His Engagement!

Nasir Khan Jan
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Nasir Khan Jan is a popular name in Pakistan. People have heard this name for a number of reasons. He is funny, has content on social media that will make you laugh, has been in controversies, and now Nasir Khan Jan is engaged!

Jan took it to his social media platforms to announce that he is now engaged and is to tie the knot next week. His tweet and posts read as follows:

“Finally, I’m engaged. Alhamdulilah. My life partner is very nice and well educated. Nikah will be next week. Love u all fans”

While we don’t know much about his ‘fiance’ what we do know is that social media is having a hard time adjusting to this news.

While many of his followers congratulated him for this new chapter in life, there were some who started to un-mercilessly troll him.

Nasir Khan Jan Brutally Trolled After Announcing Engagement!

Some social media users had a hard time believing the news was true.

Others were heartbroken that NKJ is engaged but they still haven’t found the right life-partner.

Some of his fans took it to his post to ask him to invite them to the wedding as they couldn’t wait to see the social media star tie the knot.

Then there were others who just couldn’t help themselves but troll him for being engaged.

Time and time again, Jan has been criticized and bullied. Many individuals often refer to him as a shemale and mock him for being transgender.

Most of the time, his content, in which he is eating cucumbers, bananas are taken into double-meaning context and he is again trolled for it.

Nasir also became a victim of bullying after one of his videos went completely wrong. In the video, while he was talking to his fans, he didn’t realize his clothes had a hole and his genitals were exposed.

Soon, the video became viral and is still shared to insult him on his more recent posts by trolls.

What we really forget here that at the end of the day, he is human. He also wishes to have a happy life as we do and that he deserves to be with the person of his choice, whoever that may be.

We congratulate Nasir Khan Jan on his joyous engagement and wish him as well as his fiance all the very best for their future as Mr. and Mrs. Khan Jan.

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