The popular eatery, Nando’s is known for its witty ads based on the ongoing situation in the country, be it political or entertainment related, their comebacks are truly controversial just like their statements!

However, this time around a recent post by Nando’s has created an outrage on social media. It seems like people did not find it the least bit funny when Nandos decided to poke fun at the iconic Pakistani diva, Meeraji. 


The post talks about the recent crooning session Meera had on a television show. She was seen singing her heart out on “My heart will go on” originally sung by the melodious Celine Dion for the legendary movie Titanic.

Nandos mentions in their post addressed to the veteran Lollywood actress,

“Meera Jee, please leave the crowing to our chickens!”

The text is pasted over a scene similar to the Titanic signifying the famous singing session Meera had just a few days ago that had created a buzz on social media.

Almost everyone criticised this post by the popular eatery, while some spoke about the missing ethics, others believed it was downright rude to take a dig at Meera on her singing!

Armeena Rana Khan was the only celebrity who stood up for Meera and slammed Nando’s for its savage post!

Making fun of people should never be considered as witty! The comment made our day!

Some believed Nandos needs to pay more attention to their quality and services instead of making fun of people! 

Majority criticised the marketing strategy behind this post and overall! 

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