In the most recent episode of objectifying women, the gender has been compared with a hot plate of biryani. Yes, you read that right! Biryani. This time, however, it is not in form of a meme, rather on a live show. On a news show on GTV, the anchor had three guests, one of them, Nadia Hussain. In one of the questions, the journalist objectified women and the actress was rightfully angry.

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The objectifying question

Possibly trying to justify the animal behaviour of those men who harass women, the journalist asked a question. He said that Nadia you might better understand the scenario if your favourite biryani was served in front of you, hot. Would you not eat that?

Biryani and most expensive one
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If one could tear apart this question, it was problematic on numerous levels. It showed that the journalist was a sexist man who considered man and woman’s relation to be that of predator and prey; that men were wired to drool over women.

Nadia Hussain’s rightful response

She lost her cool right away. There was no point in trying to correct the problematic beliefs of the GTV journalist, Owais Rabbani who believed women to be lower than men. Hence, the actress immediately delved to deal with the situation in his own language. She said that if a woman was a plate of biryani and I was dying to have it, I would not. She said that if I knew eating biryani was a crime, I would exercise self restrain. And especially, if eating biryani meant harm to someone else, she would definitely not eat it even if she wanted to eat it.

Listen to this yourself:

Other objectification cases

By now, women have become used to the weird examples they have been compared to. You must remember the time a meme went viral that showed two lollipops on the grown, one covered and the other, not so much. The uncovered lollipop was laden with a few hundred ants. At another time, they were compared to an orange.

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This is the first time someone took it a step further. Now, the debate was no more about a covered or an uncovered woman. This time it was about a woman, dressed prettily and compared to the biryani.

By now, we don’t even have words to convey to the sexist men and women, we are not an object, we are people. And eating biryani and raping women are not comparable acts; one is the crime of the highest degree.

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