Netizens are quick to jump to conclusions and come up with all sorts of mind twisting theories when it comes to viral videos. Similarly, Tabish Hashmi casual chat with a friend went on streak to break the internet and the ocean of assumptions rose like a Tsunami.

Tabish on the other hand, being a quick gun to respond, has shared a clarification video, checkout below.


It all began with a private conversation that was caught on camera by a sneaky fan, looking for a selfie with the always ready comedian and host of TBH.

Tabish in the video was seen discussing about a mysterious deal that lead to him earning crores, yet he still showed the desire to want AUR (more). Leaving his fans guessing as to what must have been the real subject of the conversation.

The keyboard warriors and ever active meme community jumped on it and shared their bits on the comedian-turned-host.

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