UPDATE: Mustafa Kamal & Anees Qaimkhani have announced that they are setting the foundation for a new organization or political party for Pakistan. The organization party is currently unnamed.

This organization’s flag has been unveiled below:

Former Karachi mayor and political leader Syed Mustafa Kamal arrived today in Karachi after two years. Kamal was accompanied by senior leader and former Rabita Committee deputy convener Anees Qaimkhani. The two are addressing a press conference in the metropolis at 3:00pm today.

“This is my first press conference since I left MQM,” Kamal said while addressing the media at his DHA residence in Karachi.

The purpose of the press conference is threefold:

Firstly, to explain why Kamal left MQM and the Senate. Secondly, why he is here now. Thirdly, what will he do next.

Lets wait and watch what unfolds at this press conference. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at some Tweets from Twitterverse: