An incidence of violence that broke out on a set among the fashion models and a makeup artist by Nabila has spread like wildfire on social media. The incident which led to physical abuse by the model’s husband is now being backed by the model in attendance, Mushk Kaleem. Here’s everything that went down.

Mushk Kaleem’s Instagram Update

Mushk Kaleem took to her Instagram to share about the incident on August 30th. The model posted details about the horrific incident of a model’s husband bringing in armed men to beat up a makeup artist Nabila.

‘Just heard that the model’s husband brought armed gunmen on the set, beat up a Nabila makeup artist in front of other model’s, over the makeup artist refusing to carry her personal belongings. Imagine you are shooting in peace and someone’s husband, and his goons brings weapons with them and start physically assaulting someone while you are shooting. Appalled, baffled, disgusted. I hope this model’s name comes out. I hope no designer, model, photographer ever works with her. Also hoping that the Nabila team takes corrective measures and protect its employees.’

The story posted by Mushk Kaleem was updated by another model Erica Robin who mentioned that she was an eyewitness and the whole thing was terrifying to say the least.

Image source: Instagram


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Robina Khan Comes In The Limelight

After the name of the said model came out, a petition was started #banrobinakhan in order to prevent such instances from happening again. The fashion fraternity posted the hashtag on their social media platforms to bring awareness to the incident. Meanwhile, Robina Khan came forward with her own statement and mentioned to have ignited the incident over being called ‘Do Takay Ki Model’. Furthermore, she asked her fellow colleagues the reason for not understanding her stance even though they belonged to the same industry.

‘There are always two sides to a story and this side comes from a mother, a professional model who is responsible for taking care of her ailing parents and a dedicated wife.’ The model wrote on her Instagram story.

Image source: Instagram

‘The argument started when I requested the makeup artist to carry my phone when I was ready for my shot on shoot today. He blatantly said that he is not going to do that and that ‘Do takay ki model’ like me should take care of her own belongings and also swore at me.’ She added.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

Amidst the chaos, Nabila also shared an official post by notifying the patrons about taking care of their employes safety.

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