mohammad amir wedding

Amongst the few things that we enjoy the most online, nothing beats a superstar being trolled on social media.

From CEOs to singers, cricketers to socialites and everyone else in between, not a soul is off-limits.

The recent celebrity who became a target of the hate bandwagon is the leading cricketer, Muhammad Amir.

And you won’t believe the reason for all the trolling!

Just recently, the sports sensation was blessed with a baby girl, Of course, it is a happy moment for the family. 

Yesterday, his wife wished him a happy anniversary with a super sweet picture & a lovey-dovey message. 

Touched, Amir replied back in equal affection! 

Instantly, haters started to school the couple.


Some comments were really sickening.

This bhaijaan got so offended that he wanted Amir to delete the tweet!

Some unwanted advice was also given!

Single people realized they will be forever alone!

Haya brigade spreading disgust around like there’s no tomorrow.    

If there’s one thing that Pakistanis love, it is giving an unwanted opinion. Even if it’s shaming two very married people for showing their affection and appreciation for each other.

Public Service Message: Kindly mind your own business. Shukria!