Qavi and Mufti
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Every single day, we see new pieces of news being shared. Whether it is in the technology sector or the lifestyle one; news are a part of it all. Sometimes, we get a bit of good news that keeps us going through the day. People helping people through difficult times gives us a sense of hope that humanity can make it through.

However, where there is good news, bad news doesn’t reside too far. Then there can be certain people who wish to make others lives a difficult place to live. We see such news unfolding before us and, many times, we are unable to do anything about it. However, sometimes we can do something about it. Mufti Qavi is a name you must have heard quite a lot recently. You might be taken aback by the next news we are about to share with you!

Mufti Qavi locked
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A Situation Being Solved:

You might be aware of what might have happened in recent news. Hareem Shah is a personality who came forward with a particular bit of information. It involved the aforementioned personality, Mufti Qavi. What she did was, released a video explaining that Mufti Qavi had made unwelcome advances towards her. This not only encompasses physical passages but verbal ones too.

The situation got really out of hand when people saw the video. In it, Mufti Qavi was seen talking about inappropriate topics and using some unsanitary language. In response, Hareem Shah slapped him across the face, as should seem the exact thing to do. In light of all that has happened, Mufti Qavi’s family has news to share.

Inappropriate Behavior:

Due to what has happened, the person’s personality has come into question. They are starting to wonder if the Mufti is present in the most right state of mind. In news that has brushed across our desk, Mufti Qavi’s family has renounced his title of ‘Mufti.’ They are saying that, due to recent incidents, they have decided to remove that title.

Additionally, they have also locked the personality inside his room and have taken away his phone! Imagine that! They have locked him away and are seeking means of psychiatric treatment. It does not come as the most surprising news because of how the events were unfolding in recent weeks.

Qavi locked and renounced title
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The Significance Of ‘Mufti’:

This title carries, with it, an immense amount of responsibility. A mufti is someone who has done a significant amount of study in the subject of religion. They are familiar with a lot of concepts present in Islam and are often sought after for answers people are curious about. It takes an immense amount of responsibility and will power to learn all that a mufti does.

If someone does take on the work of a Mufti, it is a sole responsibility on them to make sure they do their work diligently. People should feel safe around someone who is preaching the religion and is learned in it’s ways.

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