hareem shah
Image Source: 24News

Hareem Shah is a famous celebrity who has made quite a name for herself. Mufti Qavi is also known amongst the population but for religious reasons considering his title, Mufti. But something greatly contradictory to that appeared on the news, and that has left us shattered. It makes us unsure of who to trust, but then again, men are not to be trusted, are they?

Hareem Shah scandal

Hareem Shah has released a video recording of her that captures her with the Mufti. This video entails a shady conversation where it is evident that Mufti wants to take it to an inappropriate angle. And Hareem keeps steering it back to the work talk. In fact, she is successfully able to do so by winding up the conversation. But at the very end, Mufti Qavi does something that is not just inappropriate but also cringy. He tells her to stick her tongue out and gives her a kiss through a video call.

Mufti being inappropriate

Let’s explore what else inappropriate dialogue he said. He kept reiterating if she spent a night with him, he would stay. To that, she replies, yes, we will give you company at dinner. He answers with, “yes, and you should stay until fajar.” Isn’t that pretty clear he offered her to stay the night? She laughs it off and gives him further details about the show he has been asked to appear in as a guest.

She tells him that he will be paid PKR50,000 for agreeing to do the show aside from the accommodation and transportation. Considering he is being paid for his religious doings, he seems expensive after this video.

That said, we would also like to reiterate that it is pretty clear Hareem is not out of blame either. She could have disconnected the call. She continued on the call, and that’s why the Mufti kept digressing from the topic. But here is another thing. When you are dealing with a client, you cannot possibly give them a shut-up call. And if you do, you can very well be on the losing end. It’s no secret that Mufti Qavi has quite a standing in the television industry. Going against him would lead to a drama, where she would probably end up losing her job. Knowing this, she made the intelligent move of recording everything before taking it to the public.

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