Motorcycle Stolen in Record time
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Crimes have become so common, there are numerous ones taking place every other hour. It shows that many places have become the subject of criminals in recent years. The crime rate, although, has fallen over the years, but it’s still quite widespread. We are not only referring to the conditions of Pakistan but all over the world. Did you know that RIO is one of the places in the world with the highest crime rate? It is referred to as one of the most violent places on earth.

During the Olympics held there, tourists were being warned at the airport as to enter at their own risk. Apparently, the cops in Rio are heavily underpaid and armed with barely a handful of bullets. In light of crime news, one has come across our desk today. Not just a crime report, they may have set a new world record, of sorts, if crime records have a hall of fame. A motorcycle stealing gang has done it!

Motorcycle stolen in broad daylight
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Crime On The Rise:

If we look at the statistics of today and twenty years ago, there is much difference to be seen. One can argue that Karachi’s crime condition has gotten better over the years sinc the rangers entered this territory. However, news of phone snatching and car thefts can indicate otherwise. It may be possible that the arrival of another authority has sent the criminals looking for other domains to commit crime in.

even credit card frauds and various other types of online crimes have become a thing. There are various types of personalities roaming the streets of the dark corners of the internet. In recent news, the UK has had a lot of scammers selling covid vaccines online. Now, a Gang has stolen a Motorcycle in broad daylight. They have done it in record time and no one has been able to understand exactly how this was orchestrated.

Setting New Records:

This crime took place involving a total of three men. It took place in broad daylight in Gulistan – e – Jauhar. According to the FIR report filed, the victim had gone out for household chores. They were at a milk shop, buying the contents when this happened. Just as they were about to pay for their groceries, three men arrived, threw off the helmet.

Then they just kick-started the motorcycle and drove off. It all happened so fast that it was not enough time to comprehend what had happened. By the time everyone realized what had happened, they had sped away. The police have said that they managed to get away this quick because the victim left the key in the ignition. The timing and people involved do point towards a premeditated attack.

Motorcycle thief jauhar
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Security Is A Concern:

This news gives light on the fact that security is a major concern. Whether you’re living in the suburbs or commercial areas, it is crucial for you to lock your doors and chain your motorcycles. The 70cc has become so common that thieves have shifted to stealing more 125cc motorcycles. It is always recommended to double-check the locks on the vehicle before leaving it.

It is also a good measure to not immediately leave your vehicle if you have parked it somewhere. Even if you are on a motorcycle, keep sitting on it for a while and check your surroundings. Are there shady characters nearby? Should you keep driving for a while? Stay safe, everyone!

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