UK Scammers Defrauding People By Selling Fake Vaccines

Vaccine being sold by Scammers
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The previous year has seen a lot of developments. They have been both positive as well as adverse. No one could have seen coming what befell the world in 2020. It started off as a mere whisper, a rumour. People were talking about how some virus broke out at a harbour market in Wuhan, China. Before we knew it, every country was seeing the business end of the pandemic as countries went into lockdown. Italy and USA were hit the hardest in the first few months of the pandemic.

Italy stabilized after the course of the summer of 2020 but USA continued to feel the full force of the virus. UK, after many months, finally showcased their case numbers, which had risen to a substantial amount. Now, in 2021, UK Scammers are defrauding people with fake coronavirus Vaccines! That is just heartbreaking to hear that people would drop so low.

Vaccine by fake sellers
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2020 And Coronavirus:

Yes, everyone saw a pandemic hit their country. It didn’t matter on which side of the world your country was. As of 2021, every continent on the planet has experienced coronavirus. So, what did the world do? How did they try to counter it? They started working on a Vaccine.

Towards the end of 2020, the vaccine made an entrance, and everyone sighed a sense of relief. It felt good to see that there was hope after all. Then, after much trials and testing, it started to be administered towards the general population. In the midst of this came the scammers. They entered the internet by the dozen and are spreading like wildfire!

Selling Fake Vaccines:

These days, we have to be wary of who is providing what. There are quite a lot of fake Vaccine sellers moving about online. In the UK, the NCA found out recently that they were selling Fake Vaccines. These vaccines were either dangerous unknown mixtures or nothing at all. The scammers are said to be targeting elders.

They lure the elders into this scheme where they ask for payment and personal information. After this, they either disappear or send vials of liquid, neither the Vaccine nor healthy. The National Health Service of the UK, a government agency, has issued some points.

Vaccine scammers in UK
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One Must Tread Carefully:

These points are beneficial to those currently waiting to be vaccinated. Firstly, the govt administered vaccine has no cost, so if anyone is asking for payment, it is fake. Secondly, the administrators will neither ask you for personal information nor will they show up at your doorstep with a vaccine.

In light of these recent events, we all have to be extremely careful about the vaccine. The world is full of people hell-bent on making it a terrible place to live for other people. We hope that more and more people receive the correct vial of vaccination soon. There is much to look forward to this year, and one of them is trying to slow down the pandemic as much as possible!

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