The Money Heist might be over with a successful heist but that doesn’t mark the conclusion of the tale. In the latest series created by Money Heist’s Alex Pina and his collaborator Esther Martinez Lobato from Sky Rojo, the focus shifts to the beloved ‘Money Heist character Berlin (Pedro Alonso).

This spin-off, titled BERLIN which is all set to hit Netflix on December 29, 2023, explores Berlin’s golden age as he endeavors to carry out one of his most remarkable heists, all before discovering his terminal illness and seizing the Royal Mint of Spain.

Netflix Releases ‘Berlin’ Trailer

In the trailer for Berlin, viewers catch a sneak peek of an ambitious heist targeting the largest auction house in Paris. Berlin meticulously outlines the plan, but complications arise with the involvement of Alicia Sierra and Raquel Murillo. Yes, you heard that right a few other fan favorites have made their cameo official with the trailer launch.

Here’s an exclusive look into the Berlin trailer below:

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While the clip features the return of several familiar characters many new characters many new characters alongside the introduction of new faces in Berlin’s crew, including Michelle Jenner’s Keila, Begona Vargas’ Cameron, Tristan Ulloa’s Damian, and others.

The streaming giant shared insights into the prequel, stating, “Berlin focuses on the golden years of the character played by Pedro Alonso and tells the story of one of the most extraordinary heists he carried out.”

Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina, the creators of Money Heist, expressed that the spinoff series was created to transplant Berlin’s character as “the most sparkling personality” from the original, into a different universe. They shared this vision during a Netflix event in Madrid, emphasizing their excitement about introducing a new gang around Berlin in a completely altered emotional context.

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