Pakistani actress Nimra Khan recently cleared the air on her 2014 Tragic Car Crash, denying allegations of drunk driving.

In an exclusive podcast interview with FHM, she courageously addressed the misconceptions surrounding the drug tests after the incident.

Contrary to speculations, Nimra clarified that the accident was not the result of substance abuse but rather attributed to overexertion and sleep deprivation.

“I didn’t know where the car was going. The car sped up to 180 with my weight on the accelerator and crashed into a jeep.”

Nimra acknowledged the potentially fatal outcome, stating, “I might have survived if my foot had slipped off the accelerator, but with the crash at 180-speed, the steering lever thrust into my liver, and my head was injured with glass pieces. My liver and brain were completely damaged.”

“The anesthetics they were injecting into me could have caused kidney failure or brain hemorrhage.”

Before being rushed to the operating theatre, she vividly recalled the scene, “My head started to bleed, and the doctor suggested a CT scan. My father insisted on a full-body scan, and that’s when they found brain damage and liver damage. If they had operated before that, I could have gone into a coma for a lifetime or been paralyzed.”

Expressing gratitude for her survival, Nimra attributed it to her religious practices, saying, “My sadqa saved me, and I was habitual of offering Tahajud (midnight prayers).”

Enduring a 19-day coma after the tragedy, Nimra Khan continues to carry the physical remnants of the accident with metal rods in her leg, considering herself ‘Iron Woman.’

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