Money Heist Season 5 Part 2: The Trailer Leaves Fans Crying
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Netflix has blessed us with the trailer of the showdown. The hit Netflix original, Money Heist is coming back for its last run, Season 5 (part 2), on December 3rd. A month before the premiere, Netflix has released a trailer of the final part of the Money Heist, and needless to say, it has left the fans in tears.

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2

In it, the Professor is haunted by his actions and their consequences while his robbery team and special forces prepare for an all-out war inside Spain’s Royal Mint.

The trailer opens on a nerve-wracking scene where Professor is seen entering the building. Given that this is the first time the professor has come forward in front of thousands of people, the actual scene might be the turning point in the series finale. The trailer follows the group mourning the loss of Tokyo, which then transitioned to some action-packed clips. Towards the end of the scene, Sierra is also seen pointing a gun at someone in the car. Nonetheless, the trailer is a roller coaster of emotions, and we can’t imagine anything else.

Let’s take a look at the trailer below.

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Before the release of the official trailer, a small clip from the final season of Money Heist was released. Álvaro Morte, who plays the role of ‘Professor’, gave us a first look at the last five episodes of the hit Spanish series.

Recap Of Part 5 Volume 1 

‘Volume 1’ of Money Heist ended on a sad note when ‘Tokyo’ sacrificed her life to protect the rest of her crew members. As she faced one of the most fierce and hated characters, Gandia, she blew herself in an attempt to kill all of those around her. The scene left the fans in shock as they mourned her death for days.

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The ending of part 1 was nothing less than traumatic, knowing that Tokyo is one of the most beloved characters. Soon after the season ended, there was a lot of speculation that she might be alive. While most of them think that she is dead for good, majority of the people still believe otherwise. However, the trailer for Part 2 confirms that she is dead when Denver announces her death to the group.

“Tokyo is dead.” 

Are you ready to bid your goodbyes to the show? We know that we aren’t yet.

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