A highly-publicised feud between fashion model Robina Khan and renowned makeup artist Bryan Williams has come to a peaceful resolution.

Last month, Robina Khan and her husband came under fire over allegations of violence and misconduct against a respected makeup artist associated with Nabilas Salon.

For those unfamiliar with the incident, it began when Robina Khan’s husband confronted Bryan Williams over an alleged refusal to carry Robina’s cell phone during a photoshoot. It was reported that Robina Khan’s husband brought armed gunmen to a photoshoot location to avenge Bryan Williams for disrespecting his wife.

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However, in a heartening development, both parties have officially announced the reconciliation of their differences. Robina Khan took to Instagram to share the news of their amicable settlement, expressing her remorse and extending apologies to Bryan, Nabilas Salon, and anyone who may have been hurt by the controversy.

“Everything is sorted now, and I would like to extend my deepest apologies to Bryan, Nabilas, and to anyone’s sentiments that I might have hurt.”

“This should not have happened, and I take full responsibility to make amends and do what is necessary,” she added.

Bryan Williams reciprocated the gesture by sharing Robina’s statement on his Instagram story, along with a thoughtful message, saying, “My mother once said to me, ‘Forgiveness is always more powerful.’ So, I end this here.”

The reconciliation was commended by prominent figures in the industry like Sadaf Kanwal and Zubab Rana.

According to Robina perspective on the matter, the situation had escalated when Bryan Williams allegedly used offensive language and insults towards her when asked to hold her cell phone while she was occupied with her photoshoot. When Robina’s husband arrived to pick her up from the set and learned about the altercation, he sought to identify the person responsible. Upon Bryan’s admission of involvement, an unfortunate physical altercation ensued, with Robina’s husband slapping the makeup artist.

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