Minal Khan & Ahsan Ikram Off To Maldives For Their Honeymoon
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Some celebrities like to keep their personal life under wraps, and then some want to share the deets with their fans. While there is no doubt that Minal Khan and Ahsan Ikram belong to the latter group, it seems like they will be in the news for quite some time.

While the wedding functions are over, the honeymoon phase has just begun. It seems like the couple is off to a much-awaited getaway after the months-long wedding preparation and hectic events to spend some quality time together.

Minal And Ahsan Leave For Their Honeymoon

Minal and Ahsan took to social media to share some snippets from their getaway, which had just begun. The duo updated their social media accounts with pictures on the plane as they took a long flight towards the Maldives. Let’s take a look at their pictures.

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Minal And Ahsan Arrive In Maldives

In recent updates, the couple has arrived at their villa in the Maldives, where, it seems like the party has started already and they are having the time of their lives. From badminton to pool table and swimming in their private villa, the duo was enjoying activities from the very first day.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures of the couple enjoying their time. 

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While Minal is having fun doing what she likes the most i.e eating, Ahsan lets people in on a serious discussion. As he recorded the video of Minal eating food, he says,

“Guys! I feel a little seasick.” To which Minal responds, “Thora Nahi, Bohat Zyada.”

While the couple enjoys their time together on a far away island, we can’t wait to see what they have planned for the rest of their trip. Till then we will keep dreaming about the travel restrictions lifting allowing us to travel all we want.

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