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On Gup Shab’s Eid transmission, the stars of Daghabaaz Dil shined as guests. Daghabaaz Dil is a recently released film, that shares the story of a lasting family feud coming to an end after two people fall in love. They came to promote their film and left with more fans than they came with. Mehwish Hayat, shared her two cents about the effect of shows and films on everyone’s hearts.

Talented Pakistani actress and model shared that because dramas go on for a while, people continue to give their feedback and become fond of the show. However, movies have their own perks and she’s quite a fan of those too.

Have a look at the show:

Mehwish Hayat On Her Favourite Bollywood Khan

When given the chance, the audience loves to share their crazy and juicy questions. And we always love what stars have to say. This time around, on Samaa TV’s segment, the audience posed a very interesting question. A man questioned Mehwish,

“If given the opportunity to work in Bollywood, which one of the three Khans would you like to work with?Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, or Shahrukh Khan?”

She explained she finds all three to be phenomenal actors, but her vote is for Salman Khan. However, she quickly changed her mind to Aamir Khan and discussed that it was her final answer.

Aamir Khan is truly a phenomenal Indian actor. With a diverse portfolio, full of mind-blowing performances such as Ghajni, PK, 3 Idiots, and many more. Which is why it is no surprise that Mehwish dreams of working with him.

Truth be told, Mehwish Hayat’s comments should be alerting. Do we all remember the Yo Yo Honey Singh surprise? Whose to say we won’t get one with Aamir Khan?”

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