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This year has been chaotic for most of the world; any good news feels like a breath of fresh air. Meet Hafiz Maaz-ur-Rehman, who is a son of an Imam, for whom his compassion and dedication towards gaining an education has turned many heads.

Maaz-ur-Rehman has studied at a Madrasa until he was 16 years old. Later, he became an Imam of the Masjid. He pursued a master’s degree in Arabic and then gave his CSS exams. He acquired a 6th position in the KPK region and has been allocated to the police department.

Recently, the CSS results for the previous year (2019) came out, and many people made it to the top of the list. Most of them have had a formal education. However, Maaz-ur-Rehaman has been a Madrasa student. Yes, you heard that, right!

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His story is not just inspiring but also portrays how hard work and dedication can alter your life. On Hum News Digital, Maaz tells the host, Owais Mangalwala, how he had financial issues during his course of education, but he never let them come in the way of what he dreamt of achieving.

Hafiz from a Madrasa, Maaz-ur-Rehman, stands 6th in KP province in the CSS exam. Watch Full Video Here:

Education at Madrasas

Education at Madrasas have been showcased as problematic in the past, but Maaz’s case is a clear example of how all fingers are not the same size. While it can be problematic, people like Maaz have been through the same route, which just proves that perceptions need to be changed in our society towards these kids.

He says madrasa students are competent too! It is just how each individual weaves their journey. He aims to alter the perception of people, so their attitude towards similar children changes with time.

“When people like me will come forward, and Madrasa students will work hard and pursue education … they are competent and very much talented.”

When there is a will, there is a way!

What Maaz has achieved didn’t come easy,  he told the hosts of the show. He failed twice in his CSS exams, first time five courses, the second time, three courses. He once cleared his exams but was not allocated to any department, but he didn’t lose hope. In his 4th attempt, he finally made it to the end of the finish line.

“I started preparations from scratch and faced failures many times in my road to success. I failed CSS exams twice; the first time I failed five subjects, whereas, in the second attempt, I failed three papers. Then I passed Provincial Management Services (PMS) exams but wasn’t allocated to any group”.

A Pakistani girl from Quetta has topped in her Central Superior Services (CSS) exam in Balochistan. Read the full story here: 

CSS Examination: Farwa Batool Tops in Balochistan

All we need is a dedication to change paths for ourselves. We think Maaz-ur-Rehman’s story was truly inspiring.

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