Meera is on a roll! There seems to be a major transformation in the Lollywood lady, one we are truly rooting for!

Now nobody is safe from the new Queen of Twitter! Maryam Nawaz, Donald Trump, Rishi Kapoor all have been roasted by the actress.

And you won’t believe who her latest target is! 

Hint: He is a singer who is now a proud Indian citizen! 

Yeap, Meera grilled Adnan Sami like a Boss! #Poorguy

So Sami was trying to tell cricket lovers in India & Pakistan to stop fussing about the game!

And it backfired badly, courtesy Meera Jee!

LOL! Meera deserves a standing ovation for her awesomeness!

Twitterati, of course, loved her comeback!

That’s cause Her Twitter game is truly LIT!

Without a doubt, we can say that Meera is now the King of Trolls!

Way to go Meera Jee! More power to you

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