Meera is on a roll! There seems to be a major transformation in the Lollywood lady, one we are truly rooting for!

For those who don’t know what we are talking about, need to visit her Twitter account and get ready to face a major shock!

Queen Meera in all her glory!

Yeap, the Pakistani actress is tweeting in fluent English & is giving some super sassy replies to her haters!

At first, she won the whole of Pakistan by daring to troll Maryam Nawaz!

Then she even corrected this guy’s “angrezi” like a boss!

She is even schooling people on using the right words!

Then she shocked us all by sending her love to Mahira & the gang!

She even took a dig at Ushna Shah! Ouch!

And Queen Meera knows that she is ruling Twitter like nobody’s business!

But Queen M still remains humble & sending love to those who are lauding her!

Way to go Meera Jee! More power to you

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