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[Update 21st August 2021]: One suspect who was brought in by the police has been granted pre-arrest bail. According to sources, the man is named Shehroze Syed and the bail was granted on the basis that he does not have any previous record of such activities. Syed’s petition says he wishes to help the police but fears arrest. The court has barred the police from arresting Syed until September 2nd.

To ensure such incidents do not happen again, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has formed a relevant committee. They are going to probe the Parks and Horticulture Authority’s (PHA) role in the incident and make parks safe. Buzdar has also especially urged the police to do their utmost to catch all culprits.

Furthermore, the Punjab additional inspector general of police has formed another committee. This committee will be in charge of investigating the responsibility and negligence of the police personnel. Hopefully, this will ensure the police are there on time when needed.

A medical examination of the victim of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident has confirmed that the assault did happen. The female tiktoker suffered many injuries which confirmed that she was assaulted. Yet, many dared to question the authenticity of the event. Here’s the latest update on the case and the report from the medical examination:

[Update]: Police has arrested 66 men after identification. A forensics examination is being done of the video to arrest all the men guilty. The victim’s clothes have been collected for examination as well. Additionally, a CCTV footage examination shows that no police guard or security was present. Police negligence will also be followed.

The Medical Examination

Ayesha, the female TikToker, who was the victim of the Minar-e-Pakistan case underwent a medical examination. She was attacked and molested by a charged mob of 524 men and yet, many questioned the incident and her presence at the national monument. 

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The police have said that the victim was taken to Nawaz Sharif Hospital, where the medical examiner concluded that torture marks were found all over her body. Since she was manhandled for almost three hours, it is a miracle that she survived.

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The Police Case

Just yesterday, around 35 suspects were detained. Of them, 20 were released after investigation while the other 15 were held back. The police have been trying to catch suspects after raiding the nearby places. Moreover, they are using mobile data to confirm who was at the park at that time. 

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Sometime later, the police released some more of the 15 suspects, while handing the rest to the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA). The law enforcers are waiting for a NADRA report to confirm their details. The police have also added that the accused will be identified by the victim after the NADRA report. 

New Information

It has been found that SP City, Hasan Jehangir, knew that the tiktoker was harassed yet he did not register the FIR. Female tiktoker, apparently, called 15 but no one came. Moreover, she was also pressurized to leave when she went to the police station. Hassaan Niazi, the lawyer, has made these allegations alongside questioning why the official has not been suspended.

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