media halt commercials
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The Queen, her majesty, has passed away at the age of 96. After learning of her passing, media owners in Britain are tightening schedules and halting commercials. Here is what many news channels are saying:

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What’s Going On?

Since Queen Elizabeth’s death at the age of 96, UK broadcasters, publishers, and forums have struggled to cease advertising. Advertising is how they earn money but now they can not share the said advertisements. Since it will be devoted entirely to news coverage and special programming honoring the Queen’s life and 70-year reign.

media halt commercials
Image Source: NPR

ITV is the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK. It has said that it won’t have a commercial break on its primary TV channel until at least the end of Friday. Similarly, all advertising and sponsorship on Channel 4 and All 4 have officially been put on temporary hold. They will halt regular broadcasting in the coming few days. This includes all advertising, airtime, sponsorships, and promotions.

It Is Prohibited

Social media networks are also outlawing advertising in the wake of this event. It is reportedly being said that Twitter has allegedly prohibited it for 48 hours in the UK. Drumm also discovered that Snapchat has now instructed media buyers to temporarily halt all advertising for all of its news and public service broadcasters in the region.

media halt commercials
Image Source: Two and County Magazine

Amongst these publications is also The Daily Mail. It is one of the publications preventing adverts from appearing on its successful website. Now, the monarch’s death and life will be the predominant topic until at least 10 days.

What In The Wake of The Queen?

There is a documentary and several articles written about what processes and what not have been decided for when the Queen would pass away. What time would the flag be raised, when and which car will come, and when the news would come out too. 

media halt commercials
Image Source: CNBC

If you haven’t noticed already, the picture that they released for the queen is also special. It is a ‘never’ seen before picture that they released in black and white to notify the world that the longest reigning monarch has breathed her last. Thus, there is an entire protocol to offer and it is being offered. The news channels may be suffering a loss for the coming few days but it is their duty.

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