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Seems like the all Pakistani celebrities has turned their vacation mode on! Maya Ali is the latest star to join the party bandwagon and is having a blast in Thailand!

Now that shooting of Teefa in Trouble has ended in Pakistan, Maya thought to have some fun!

Moment😍😍 #thailand #view #todiefor #photocredit @deeveesofficial #enjoythelittlethingsinlife💕 #mayaali😘

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It has been long since she took a vacation & now she is like chilling like a boss!

And look who joined her in the party? Her beloved bhai jaan!

Vaccy mode ON 😈

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But we have a feeling that she maybe she is up for work+pleasure in Thailand!

A little bit of social media stalking tells us that she is doing a shoot for Maria B.

#MayaAli in #Thailand For #MariaB Shoot 😍 Looking Gorgeous 😘😘😘 #beautyqueen

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Well, we must admit she is one lucky girl!

Panga nahi Laine ka…🙈🙈🙈 #whenyourbored #nothingtodo #MA #nomorehashtags😂 #mayaali😘

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We too need a H.O.L.I.D.A.Y!

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