Maulana Tariq Jamil in his recent interview shared his views on second marriage and how he wanted to commit to his one and only wife.

Maulana Tariq On Second Marriages

During an interview, Tariq Jamil was asked about his will to get married for the second time. Since most of the religious scholars have married twice or thrice, the anchor asked the guest if he had given any thought to a second marriage at any point in time.

Maulana Tariq Jamil who is an acclaimed religious scholar is known to keep his poise at all times. In response to the question, he said that despite receiving multiple proposals until very recently he wanted to commit to his only wife.

To check out the detailed interview below:

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‘I had a very tough life. My wife stuck with me through all of it. I could never forget her kindness. That’s why despite having all resources I wanted to commit to her.’ He said.

While talking about their life as a couple, Maulana Jamil added that his wife has been through so much given the nature of his work. Since he had to travel to different locations he was never able to attend any of his children’s births.

‘I was always absent at different locations. Not one child of mine was born in my presence. My wife has to suffer a lot as she single-handedly took care of my children. She sacrificed a lot for me.’ He added.

While talking about receiving marriage proposals he said that Allah gave him the strength to not stray away from his wife. It wasn’t something only he could control but he tried his best to stay loyal to his wife.

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