Recently, Mashal Khan who soared to the heights of fandom after her breaking role in Parizaad recently appeared on Fahad Mustafa’s show. During a round of questions, the actress shared her stance on nepotism.

Mashal Khan On Nepotism 

Mashal Khan showcased her cricket skills while answering questions during a rapid-fire round. The very first question asked by the host directed towards the actress was about the lead roles and what one must do to get into these roles in the industry.

“What is needed to get a lead role in a drama?” Asked Fahad.

“Nepotism.” Said Mashal Khan

Mashal’s response to the question was rather abrupt and the host couldn’t even get to finish the question. However, he then repeated the same question with three different options to choose from.

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Once Fahad repeated the same questions, he gave the actress three different options to choose from including connections, social media followers, and flattery.

The actress then responded to the question by saying “Connections.” Given how connections and nepotism are not mutually exclusive Mashal seems adamant that one must have solid connections to land a lead role in Pakistani dramas.

Later Mashal shared her views about being called ‘scary’ in the industry. In another question, Mustafa asked the actress “why does she think people in the industry are scared of her?”

“If I had any idea maybe I wouldn’t have thought this way. I don’t know maybe people just like to assume.” Further adding that people must’ve heard something to spread these rumors or it could be the other way around.

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