Humayun Saeed in his recent appearance shared his views about the infamous kiss scene in ‘The Crown’.

Humayun Saeed In ‘The Crown’ 

Humayun Saeed made headlines after he was cast for the role of Dr. Hasnaat in the hit series ‘The Crown’. The actor then shared the screen with Elizabeth Debicki who played the role of Princess Diana. In a particular scene, Humayun had to play a  kissing scene with Elizabeth. The scene then caught the eyes of netizens who raised their eyebrows. Now finally Humayun, has shared the details regarding his infamous scene at the new ARY Digital show The Fourth Umpire hosted by Fahad Mustafa.

During the interview the co-host Qasim Sheikh asked, “You worked in The Crown which went super duper hit just because of its one scene, what do you think which was that scene?”

To his question, Saeed responded, “The kissing scene? Well, there was one scene in which it seems that I’m kissing, but I was doing the acting. I loved the performance of my co-star.” 

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Here’s the video

While talking about his scene, the actor refrained from sharing any further details and blushed a little as well.

Humayun Saeed’s role in the crown met with major acclaim and public recognition by the netizens and the scenes immediately went viral.

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