Marriage Is Worth The Risk: Saba Qamar

Love and marriage have taken centre stage in the recent revelations from acclaimed actress Saba Qamar, who candidly shared her views on companionship.

The actress, who had earlier disclosed her criteria for a suitable companion, opened up further during a recent conversation with fellow actor Ahsan Khan.

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While gracefully sidestepping questions about a past engagement controversy with blogger Aleem Khan, Saba Qamar unreservedly embraced the concept of marriage, affirming that it is worth the risk.

Saba shared, “The one who has a partner isn’t happy, nor is the person who doesn’t [have a partner]. So it’s better to have it than not. Worth the risk. Whether it works or not should only be saved for later.”

Ahsan Khan expressed the perceived difficulty with independent girls, to which Saba responded by asserting that love is a gesture everyone needs, irrespective of their independence. She challenged the notion that individuals could feel complete without a partner.

In response to Ahsan Khan’s query about whether career-oriented women regret being too busy for marriage, Saba acknowledged that the realisation often hits, noting that certain things are destined for individuals at specific moments in their lives.

She extended this sentiment to independent women. “Life without love is nothing,” she stated firmly, adding that anyone who believes otherwise is in a denial or lying.

“One day, you’ll get bored of your diamonds and dresses. What’s the point of those dresses and that big empty house?” she added.

Saba Qamar as a Lover 

Saba Qamar delved into the intricacies of love, expressing her admiration for the philosophy of Bulleh Shah and advocating for unconditional love.

When questioned about emotional attachment and why it did not progress, Saba revealed her perspective on love, stating, “I am a fan of love. If I like someone, I wouldn’t demand that they love me back. You should love without expectations or unconditionally; I will still love them if they’re not there.”

Although Saba Qamar didn’t reveal her current relationship status, she did leave it open to interpretation when Ahsan Khan began a question with “When you’re in love,” but Saba quickly interrupted, saying, “How do you know I’m in love? I love everyone; I love humans.”

Here’s the full video to decode it yourself:

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