Pakistanis just had a dose of a long weekend last month. The 5th of February fell on Monday giving everyone 3 days of relaxation!

Well, nothing is more joyful than a bunch of holidays in a week when you can just relax at home, chill with your friends and get a break from studies or work.

Now yet another long weekend is in store for Pakistanis & we couldn’t be happier! 

For those who haven’t checked the calendar yet, 23rd March i.e. Pakistan Day is falling on Friday, giving us a three-day long weekend

We’re Pretty Sure This Is How You’re All Feeling Right Now! 

According to Pakistan’s official Holiday Calendar of 2018, the 23rd of March will be marked as a public holiday on the account of Pakistan Resolution Day. This would mean all schools, institutions and public organizations would remain closed.

But the bad news is that mobile services are most likely to be suspended on 23rd March. For the past couple of years, cellular services are blocked for a certain amount of time to ensure strict security control.

However, let’s make most of the holiday and actually make an effort in improving the lives of our fellow citizens.

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