Yes! You read it right! The ‘King’ of phones is ready to make its way back into the mobile world and take back the throne which once belonged to the phone, before the unpredictable wave of Smartphones which changed technology as we know it.

Nokia 3310 first came into power back in 2000, and since then, it was showered with titles like ‘The World’s Most Reliable Phone’ and ‘The World’s Most Durable Phone’. Nokia fans have even gone through extreme tests to prove that there was and that there is no better phone than this legend, and that there never will be one.


Nokia’s return already caused massive hype on an international scale, every man, woman, and child were anticipating what would be Nokia’s first handset after its return into the game. Then, the company brought out the Nokia 6, which completely sold out in under 1 minute in China!

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Making us more eager, news about Nokia P1 surfaced, if the company does launch the phone and if all the rumours are true, the P1 will be the next biggest flagship for the company. Now, coming back to Nokia 3310, the company will trigger the biggest wild entry if they do announce the return of the legend at Mobile Wold Conference 2017 (MWC 2017) to be held later this month.

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Given that how everyone is a bit panicked out by Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s explosions, followed by iPhones bursting in flames, Nokia has a Platinum ticket to re-introduce a phone which is not just durable, but has the longest lasting battery life (compared to smartphones), reliable battery (it has never burst despite the tests it has been put through), not to forget an unbreakable body; it might break your bones, but it will be left scratch-less.


If Nokia does intend on bringing the 3310 back, it might make slight modifications, as per the increasing demands of users, however, there is also a good chance the company will keep the phone in its iconic form.

According to Venture Beat, HMD Global (which now owns the rights to the Nokia name) will launch the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 at the MWC – as well as a nostalgic homage to the much-loved 3310, which will be sold for just $60 approximately 6,300 PKR.

Nokia’s big comeback is expected to feature both Android-based phones and tablets, with HMD previously announcing that it will invest a whopping $500m (£346m) over the next three years, holding the rights to the trademark until 2024.

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