Lays Pakistan recently launched it’s all new Yogurt and Herb flavour with the iconic sports celebrities, Wasim Akram and Lionel Messie. The campaign garnered quite a lot of attention as two of the most celebrated sportspersons showed their lighter side in the fun-filled TVC.

The brand is taking the campaign one step further by associating it with #CleanAndGreen Pakistan message.

Take a look at the Ad:

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This initiative, launched on 23rd January 2016, aims to create a greener and cleaner atmosphere in the country and prevent littering and trashing.

In order to plant a pack, the participants need to invert a Lays pack (Inside out) then fill it with soil and plant a flower/plant.

In this way, the Lays crisps bags will be used as replacements for flower pots.

Messi & Wasim Akram Combine Forces for Lays Pakistan Latest Ad

Lays plans to cover this activity for two months starting from 26th January to 12th February where university students can participate to ensure #CleanAndGreen Pakistan.

The participants will be students from universities who will be helped by brand ambassadors. The competition will take place at different universities in Pakistan where the eco-board will be made where the plants will be featured.

The University with the highest impact and best board will be shortlisted for winning.

There will also be a picture competition which will have lucky draw winners who will be winning UEFA Champions league Jackets & Laptop Bags (University Students).