‘Laundry Lens’ Is An iOS App That Is Built Entirely For Your Laundry

Laundry Lens is the perfect app
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Technology has made a lot of people’s lives easier. It has made them convenient as well as efficient. Of course, one may spend hours scrolling through an app but that is not all that apps are for. Many of the applications on the store are quite useful and applicable. Do you know about ‘Shazam’? It is used to record music around you and then tell you where those lyrics are from. Similarly, there is an app called ‘Laundry Lens’.

Laundry Lens app for iOS

Among all the useful applications out there, this one resides among them. It can be highly useful for you if you do laundry quite often. Additionally, it can be useful for those who are doing laundry for the first time or are living alone. This app tells you the meanings of all the symbols on your clothing tag.

Laundry Lens Making Life Easier

There are many ways to go about learning the symbols on clothing tags. However, using Laundry Lens is one of the easier ones. We must point out, though, that the application has been made available for iOS users. It can be accessed by anyone who has iOS 14.1 or higher. Apart from that, we hope that Android can incorporate such an app in their store soon. There is a list of steps you can follow when using this application.

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All you have to do is point your camera on the tag and keep it there. The application will identify the symbols on the tag and give you feedback. In that, you can see which of your clothes need how much water. Additionally, it even tells you what material needs less water. Apart from that, you can also get knowledge of which clothes need to be kept away from bleach and many more symbols. If you like, you can even go on their manual database.

Innovative Applications

When you access the database manually, you can see symbols and their meaning for yourself. Instead of it appearing to you, you can always enter the symbol catalogue and check for which one is on your tag. It is quite an interesting and innovative application which must be praised.

It shows that life is certainly being made easier due to technology. Who knows what kinds of other apps do we get to see in the future. We heard there was talk about a different kind of shazam so let us see what unfolds here.

laundry lens and iOS app for laundry
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