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Plans by Daud Kim, a popular Korean Muslim YouTuber, to build a mosque on Yeongjong Island in South Korea’s Incheon were abruptly halted. Why? It was due to a wave of negative reactions from residents. Kim, formerly known as Kim Jae-han, has a large online following. With more than 5.52 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Despite his influence, he couldn’t change the local sentiment regarding his proposed mosque.


Kim acquired a 284.4 square meter plot for 189.2 million won (approximately $136,500). He paid a deposit of 20 million won and planned to pay the rest the following month. However, after facing backlash, both Kim and the landowner agreed to cancel the contract. The landowner claimed they were unaware of Kim’s plans to build a mosque on the site.

Kim addressed the issue in a video on his social media platforms, explaining the situation to his followers. He expressed his concerns over the development and shared the emotional journey leading up to the decision.

Kim ‘s Vision for the Mosque

Daud Kim, who converted to Islam in 2019, had ambitious plans for the mosque in Incheon. He envisioned it as more than just a place of worship. Along with the prayer hall, he intended to set up an Islamic podcast studio. This studio would spread the message of Islam, promote understanding, and foster dialogue in Korea.

Kim shared his gratitude and commitment on Instagram, saying, “Finally, with your help, I have signed a contract for land to build a mosque in Incheon. This place will soon become a mosque. I can’t believe this day has come.”

He emphasized his need for financial assistance to complete the mosque. “If you would like to help, please donate here. Thank you so much,” he stated.

Kim’s journey from a singer and actor to a dedicated Muslim vlogger has been remarkable.

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