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The one thing all chocolate lovers can probably unite on is KitKat. With their innovative way of presenting chocolates, they have ensured they have tapped into every kind of chocolate lover who could exist. But they just gave heart-attacks to some people who bought a pack of Kitkat Crisp Wafers. They couldn’t find the main ingredient, not the chocolate, the wafer.

They lost their cool! And, rightfully so.

Missing the essential ingredient

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I mean, can you imagine KitKat Crisp Wafers without wafers.

All over Twitter, people started sharing pictures of the disaster they have to suffer through; The aftermath of the unimaginable.

And why wouldn’t they cry because KitKat would just not be the same without the signature wafer, would it?

And it was not that out of four sticks, only one was missing the wafer; in fact, all four of them were just that, chunks of chocolates.

What they need to understand, though, is that this chocolate is not just chocolate. It is nostalgia for childhood, the need for a break, and just love for the people. Was anyone to want some chocolate, they could get any brand. But opting for this brand particularly means is that they want the chocolate wrapped in a perfect combo with the wafers.

They were quick to take their disappointment and hurt to Twitter.

They said: check out the ‘no wafer KitKat.’

Hurt aside; it’s a pretty catchy name.

KitKat Takes Notice

The brand took notice of it and tagged KitKat US on all the tweets they were tagged.

From KitKat US’s response, it seems like there was a problem with some batches. But they are not even aware of it. To each and every tweet, they have asked the customer to DM them the UPC barcode and the manufacturing code.

Some factory managers will soon be getting a notice for sure.

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