Kiran Ashfaque has been living her life to the fullest post-divorce. However, for fans, it is hard to find traces of her life from before the marriage. Why is that so? The actress revealed the reason in her latest Q&A session on Instagram.

Kiran Ashfaque’s Instagram 

Kiran Ashfaque, who got married and shares a kid with actor Imran Ashraf, recently took a divorce after going through a rough patch in her marriage. The actress and model’s life took a turn for the better as she started showing up more on social media.

Sharing details about her life and activities Kiran is often seen travelling and enjoying quality time with her kid. However, when you scroll down on her Instagram it is very hard to find traces of her life from before her marriage.

This question was raised by a fan in her recent Q&A session on Instagram. While asking why she doesn’t have any pictures on her account before marriage, the actress gave a very saddening response to the audience.

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“Why did you delete your pictures from before marriage?” Asked the fan.

In response to the question the actress wrote ‘that she was made to delete pictures from her Instagram history on her wedding night.’

Kiran after her divorce has been receiving hate from the public because of her changed persona post-divorce. While the majority blame her for being the reason behind her divorce, only those who understand her struggle choose to support her amidst all the backlash.

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