Pakistani actor Kiran Ashfaque found herself at the centre of criticism as news of her second marriage surfaced last weekend with wholesome pictures from her intimate nikah.

Kiran’s previous marriage to renowned actor and TV presenter Imran Ashraf added an extra layer of intrigue to her recent nuptials with PPP leader Hamza Ali Chaudhary.

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Amidst a flurry of congratulations from the showbiz community and fans, Kiran’s Nikah pictures became a subject of criticism, with some questioning the speed at which she seemed to have moved on. Unfazed by the negativity, Kiran decided to address the comments herself.

In response to one such comment questioning the haste of her second marriage, Kiran candidly responded, “So I should rather sit idle all life and have my parents watch cry as I sit with the label of a divorcee?” Her defiant stand resonated with many who admired her for challenging societal norms.

While opinions on the quick transition to a second marriage varied, a silver lining emerged as many comments celebrated Kiran for breaking stereotypes and embracing happiness.

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