Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar is notoriously known for his stance on celebrities, especially Pakistani actresses. The writer has been under the social media radar for his feuds with Mahira Khan and other Pakistani actresses.

Recently, the writer opened up about his experience with the actresses including Mahira Khan and Mehwish Hayat, and shared it behind the scenes.

In the podcast interview, Butt asked Khalil Ur Rehman why he has so many opinions on actresses and always shares his blunt views about them.

While sharing his complicated relationship the writer explained that it’s only Mahira Khan against whom he harbors feelings of hatred. Meanwhile, he clarifies that Mehwish Hayat is his friend and he is only angry with her for the time being.

Khalil Ur Rehman On Mahira Khan

While talking about Mahira, Rehman Qamar noted that he used to respect her immensely. However, her one tweet led to the downfall of their friendship.

‘After Ayeza if there was one celebrity I used to respect immensely, it was Mahira Khan. We were friends and had a very respectful attitude towards each other. However, one despicable and disrespectful tweet of hers led to the downfall of our friendship.’

He further added, ‘Mahira has a beautiful heart. She is a wonderful actress but I don’t have any respect for her in my heart anymore.’

Here’s the complete interview you can check out below.

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Khalil Ur Rehman On Mehwish Hayat 

While discussing his relationship with Mehwish Hayat, the writer said that after making so much effort to add her to ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ Hayat had no right to refuse my project.

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‘The efforts I had to go through so that Hayat could be hired, no one can even imagine. She had no right to refuse my project. The director and producer of Punjab Nahi Jaungi were not at all happy with her and they never wanted to cast her. I fought for her like anything even though we did not commit whatsoever.’

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