The hype of Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed’s marriage isn’t going to die down soon as fans demand their thoughts from their favorite influencers and celebrities on the matter. Ken Doll aka Adnan Zafar is also in the same boat as he took to his Instagram to share his two cents about the matter.

In a very Ken Doll way, Adnan filmed a video informing the audience about his health and how his DM section on Instagram is filled with queries and questions about his opinion on the Shoaib-Sana wedding. Further, he requested the fans to stop focusing on celebrity gossip and instead concentrate on how to pay their soaring bills.

Addressing his fans Ken Doll mentioned that he is aware of how his fans are looking forward to his opinion on the matter but in no way he is involved in it. Hence, it is pointless for him to even think about it.

Take a look at what he has to say about the scenario.

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Ken Doll’s Statement 

‘My nose is running and I’m not feeling well but my DM is filled with comments on what I think about Shoaib Malik’s marriage. He didn’t divorce my sister and neither did he marry her, so why should I poke my nose in the matter? Why should I have to be the one to give clarifications?’

He further added, ‘I know my opinion does matter to you but it doesn’t mean that I start throwing pebbles at others. Chill out and think about the pressing matters like how to pay the electricity bills and how to combat this cold weather which has made people sick.’

What do you think about Ken Doll’s opinion on the matter? Let us know if his opinion matters to you in the comments below.

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