Amidst the ongoing social media rampage, actors and celebrities have been sharing their thoughts on social media about relationships. Every celebrity’s stance is different while some justify one thing, others do not so much. However, one collective thought on everyone’s mind is the fact that marriage is hard and it takes two to work.

Model and actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak recently took to her Instagram to share her detailed thoughts on marriage and the effort one has to put into making it work.

Saheefa in her post emphasized the need to make a relationship work and how one cannot just call it quits based on vibes. She further requested the celebrities to not just post their happy moments and achievements on social media but their challenges and struggles too so the younger audience has something to learn.

‘When you choose to announce your wedding, bridal showers, baby showers, honeymoon, and vacation, also share with your audience how challenging it has been to achieve what you have accomplished so far as a couple and as individuals.’

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Saheefa Jabbar On Celebrities 

The actress also took a jibe at celebrities requesting them to stop posting their good moments and let the audience and younger generation know about their struggles to set realistic expectations about relationships. She shared her disregard for celebrities for portraying a picture-perfect life on social media and not taking their time to also share what’s going wrong with them.

‘I hate it when celebrities and influencer couple chooses to showcase only their flourishing and happy side to their audience. Every couple goes through conversations of separation and parting ways multiple times. Yet they decide to stay together, give their relationship another chance, and ultimately succeed.’

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