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Karachi witnessed the first rain of the season and needless to say that it made the citizens spark with joy. Rain and Karachi have always had a love-hate kind of relationship. Despite poor infrastructure and the inability to handle the monsoon season, Karachi citizens still make sure to make the most of the rainy days.

After the rain predictions going around for the past 2 days, it rained early morning in Karachi today. The after-effects of the rain were nothing less than beautiful as the cool breeze welcomed us all early in the morning.

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Karachiites Express Their Joy

Nothing makes the citizens in Karachi more excited than the rain. Meanwhile, suddenly everyone turns into a photographer and tries to capture and share their best shots.

Today, the internet was also filled with breathtaking pictures of the city and the sky. While you get prepared to spend the rest of the day and enjoy some delicious snacks. Take a look at the stunning photos and videos to soothe your visual senses.

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If you search for the pictures, you are bound to find the famous teen talwar location and what makes it more beautiful? The rainy season!

The Aga Khan University and Hospital also shared a beautiful picture from the hospital vicinity. Take a look.

Whoever drove early morning was stunned to see the beautiful sky and skyscrapers covered in fog.

The thick clouds surrounded the city and people made sure to capture the black clouds which were all ready to burst.

Is there anything more soothing than the sound of the rain? We believe not!

Now that you have seen everything, be prepared to face another spell within a few hours. Meanwhile, let us know how you enjoyed early morning weather in the comments below.

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