Karachiite Shares Account of Lahore Motorway Like Rape Attempt!
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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is our homeland and we have always been proud of it. However, the last few weeks has thousands of us terrified following the Lahore Motorway gang-rape.

A woman was heading home with her children when she was approached by men after her car failed to move due to no fuel. She was raped in front of her children.

The Lahore Motorway rape case sent chills across the nation, followed by news of more rapes and murders of boys and girls. As crime continues to rise in Pakistan, another story has once again sunk our hearts.

Here’s What Happened

This time, a young man tells us about how the Lahore Motorway incident almost repeated itself in Karachi. He pens down that he was returning from a birthday party with two female friends.

After dropping off one of the girls, on his way to drop the other, around 10 men on 4 motorbikes surrounded his vehicle screaming “bahar nikal,” “bahar aa,” “larki ko bahar nikal.” Mortified, the youngsters tried to flea the gang but were caught by them once again a little further.

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He also mentions that the bikers were boys aged between 15-25, but the look in their eyes was ‘barbaric!’

Moreover, the young victims have reached out to the authorities and have submitted their statements, hoping that the culprits will be caught before they get to another victim.

Here’s how one of the victims, Syed Shaheer Ali shares the account of the incident:

“I am writing this from a state of shock and trauma to inform you all that I and my female friend just escaped another possible Motorway incident God forbid. Please read it so that you all can protect yourselves too.

“We were coming back from a birthday celebration at one of our friend’s place and while on the way back, I had two female friends with me, one of whom I had to drop at a girl’s hostel.

“It was about 11.30 pm, I dropped one of the friends at the hostel and then my other female friend and I were headed towards Maskan. As soon as we crossed Safeet, 4 bikes appeared out of nowhere with a total of about 10 people on them. They surrounded our car shouting “Bahar nikaal”, “Bahar aa”, “Bahar nikaal inko”

“Trust me I was shaking to death realizing what’s gonna happen next. It was pitch dark in the premises, complete silence and we were stuck around the bushes. I tried my best to hold my nerves and pressed the accelerator to full as I tried to run away.

“As we ran and reached near the Boys hostel, they came again and surrounded us forcing me to stop the car. That’s when they came to the car’s window banging and screaming ‘Larki ko Bahar nikaal,’ ‘Gaari Roukk,’ ‘Bahar aa…’

“Trust me, I can’t even put into words the trauma my friend and I had to go through. She is in a complete state of shock up till now, and I’ve not been able to sleep peacefully yet.

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“They had just one intention, and if they had been successful to get inside the car, they would have beaten me. You all know what would have happened with the girl.

“Somehow I managed to escape, pushing my car to the limits. We informed the guards on the Maskan gate.
These guys looked around the age of 15 to 25 years but the barbaric look in their eyes was beyond what words can explain…

“We have informed the university’s management about this incident and admin is coordinating with us. We hope that the management takes this to the Rangers/security authorities and the culprits get caught.

Is This Really The ‘Islamic Republic Of Pakistan’?

This account has once again devastated us. Students are unsafe on the premises they consider their second home. This also shows us what path the youngsters of the country are going down on!

Can you imagine at a mere age of 15 or 16 wanting to hurt a female? Wanting to be a part of criminal activities? Imagine what the victims are going through. Will they ever be able to go back to their everyday lives?

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