Get ready Karachiites for a wave of hot and humid temperature as per the latest news from the Chief Meteorologist of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

The Chief added that a low-pressure area is developing in the southeast of Karachi’s coast over the Arabian Sea.

Thus, the sea breeze has been restricted for 3 days from September 22-24.

Because of this, the city will be deprived of cool air, which will add to the increase in temperature.

Karachiities are advised to keep a bottle of water with them and dress accordingly. Although the weather is not extreme and no heatwave notification has been issued, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Spokesman Dr. Khalid Malik said that the monsoon weather has already come to an end and almost 80% of the country has returned to normal temperature.

He added that the current weather is hot and humid owing to a lesser quantity of rainfall in the country, he said.

He furthermore advised the public not to believe all reports in regards to the weather unless published on a credible source from PMD officially.

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