Karachi University
Image Source: ARY

In another recent and surprising news, Karachi University will be launching electric shuttles as part of a new project. This step proves that Pakistan is working towards moving at the same speed as the rest of the world.

Electric vehicle in the automotive industry

All around the world, people are giving more and more attention to electric vehicles. The auto industry giants are launching electric vehicles one after the other. In fact, Volkswagen changed its name to Voltswagen as an April Fool prank to put emphasize the phenomenon.

So it was about time that Pakistan also gets the electric vehicles normalized on the Karachi roads. While we may not be there yet, we are definitely on the way. Just a few days ago, we came across Sindh Transport Minister inaugurating electric buses on the roads. It was said that about 100 of them would be dispatched with time.

And now, Karachi University will be adding electric shuttles within the campus.

Electric Shuttles in Karachi University

The electric shuttles will range from 6-seater to 23-seater and will be beginning their route from all the gates, including Maskan and Shaikh Zayed Gates. Everyone within the university, the students, faculty, and staff, will be able to utilize the service. A minimal fare has been set for the bus, which is a great initiative considering the students had to make use of the pricey rickshaws to move from department to department.

This shuttle is being launched thanks to Karachi University signing the MoU with NTS Logistics. To sign the MoU on Wednesday, KU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi and the CEO NTS Logistics Muhammad Umer Nouman were present at the VC Secretariat.

In a world with increasing global warming, this eco-friendly project is a healthy development by Pakistan. Hopefully, more such initiatives will be taken in the future.

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